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Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland

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  • Location: Copenhagen

Redemption (Department Q 3)

2000s – Department Q is a place hidden in the darkest corner of the Copenhagen Police station investigating the darkest crimes of the city.

  • Location: Mazatlán

The House on Carnaval Street

2007 onwards: Want to know what happened following the events in the Kabul Beauty School? Then its a case of reverse culture shock as the…

  • Location: Europe, Berlin, Zurich, Zagreb

The Lady from Zaghreb (Bernie Gunther 10)

1940s:  The tenth Bernie Gunther mystery  and the search for a German actress hiding in Zurich. Under Goebbels orders…..

  • Location: Chicago, USA

The Killing Season

2000s: The infamous ‘Chicago Sniper’, escapes from death row two weeks before his execution, and the FBI want him found.

  • Location: The Great Lakes, Michigan, Toronto

Station Eleven

2000s and the future – Georgia Flu has swept the globe and 20 years later the world is a very different dystopian landscape indeed

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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

2000s: A young boy plays out at being detective in Delhi

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