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  • Location: Sicily (fictional Vigata) Porto Empedocle

The Age of Doubt (Montalbano 14)

2000s: Inspector Montalbano suspects wrongdoing in Vigàta harbour – and the waters are very dark indeed.

  • Location: Sutherland, Plockton, Fictional Lochdubh, Eileencraig

Death of a Snob (Hamish Macbeth 6)

2000s:Oh on the lonely isle of Eileencraig……..Hamish is on holiday

  • Location: Portpatrick

Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses (Dandy Gilver 7)

1930s: If you attend a college deep in the heart of Portpatrick, you may want to watch your back..

  • Location: Sicily (fictional Vigata) Porto Empedocle

The Dance Of The Seagull (Montalbano 15)

2000s: If you saw a seagull fall from the sky, perform a strange dance, before lying down to die, you’d be shocked wouldn’t you?

  • Location: Sutherland, Plockton, Lochdubh (fictional)

Death of a Hussy (Hamish Macbeth 5)

2000s: A hussy in the Highlands?

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The Safe Place

2000s: A pretty facade does not a happy house make…

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