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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Madrid

Breathing Through the Wound

2022: a widower’s descent into the seedy underbelly of Madrid.

  • Location: Netherlands,Spain

Vogeleiland (Bird Island)

2000s: A missing girl and her sister’s search for the truth

  • Location: London, Lithuania, Cambridge, Moscow, Tenerife, Germany

The Partisan

1961: The brutal Cold War between East and West is becoming ever more perilous.

  • Location: Almeria, Spain

The Spanish Cove

2021: Marina returns to Spain and uncovers unhappy memories

  • Location: Andalucia

Andalus: Unlocking The Secrets Of Moorish Spain

2000s: Unlocking The Secrets Of Moorish Spain

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The Circus Train

1930s:  Brought together by magic.Torn apart by war.

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