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  • Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Tapwe and the Magic Hat

Indigenous icon Buffy Sainte-Marie writes a story inspired by oral histories and traditions

  • Location: London, Los Angeles, USA


2024: Your kids are missing, accused of plotting to kill thousands. Can you find them before it’s too late?

  • Location: Canada, Ontario, British Columbia, Tofino

Moon Road

2000s: an estranged couple go on a road trip to uncover a family mystery.

  • Location: Canada, Nunavut

The Ministry of Time

2000s:  In the near future, a disaffected civil servant is offered a lucrative job in a mysterious new government ministry

  • Location: Toronto (Parkdale)

The Damages

1998, 2020: In 1998, Ontario has been hit by a days-long, life-endangering ice storm

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The Divorce

2000s: There are two sides to every story . . .

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