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  • Location: worldwide

The Forcing

Civilisation is collapsing. A ‘government of youth’ has taken power in North America

  • Location: Caribbean, Yemen, Kurdistan, Africa, Texas

Turbulent Wake

2000s: A story of the indelible damage we do to those closest to us and, ultimately, of the power of redemption in a time of change.

  • Location: Africa, Egypt, Zanzibar


1997: Straker is recovering on an island off Zanzibar, but not for long….

  • Location: Angola, South Africa, Mozambique

Reconciliation for The Dead

1996, 1980s: A novel ‘exploring true events from one of the most hateful chapters in South African history

  • Location: Cornwall, Falmouth, Istanbul, Cyprus

The Evolution of Fear

2000s: Where does a fugitive with a price on his head run to?

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The Divorce

2000s: There are two sides to every story . . .

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