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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Scottish Highlands, Dundee, Edinburgh

The Ghost Woods

2022: In the midst of the woods stands a house called Lichen Hall.

  • Location: Salem


1800s  – The woman who inspired Hester Prynne, the tragic heroine of The Scarlet Letter, mining the legacy of the Salem witch trials

  • Location: Wales

The Toll House

2020: A house with history….

  • Location: Cornwall

The White Hare

2000s: In a valley steeped in legend lies an abandoned house where Edens may be lost, found and remade…

  • Location: Loch Ness, Inverness, Drumnadrochit

The Led Zeppelin Curse

1970s: Who or what is responsible for the Led Zeppelin Curse?

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2022: A mother disappears from a busy festival on a warm spring night.

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