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About The Book Trail

The inspiration for this blog, now website, was a literary character by the name of Phileas Fogg. One of the first books read to me as a child. The book that made me want to travel, speak French like Passepartout and ‘ go anywhere’ just like these two!

As well as travelling, what about being able to read your way around the world? Take a book, visit the locations in it and see where it takes you. A trail of sorts like the one in the novel.

I have discovered many things through books – places and languages – and I now read foreign language books to discover the country or the city I am in at the time. Even better is to discover one via a book written of a far away place I am still yet to go. Seeing a place through the eyes of a character or indeed the author is a rare treat indeed. Like a personal guide, a novel can be a guide book with a difference!

This blog and the booktrail team has grown since then but we hope it’ll inspire readers and travellers alike to travel literary style and place their favourite book on the map.

Places in the books

Not all places in the books are real and even those that are are not used or represented as they are in real life. For obvious reasons the places mentioned under each book are there to give a flavour for the setting and story and to encourage readers to travel further via that novel. We hope it gives you inspiration to quite literarily book your next read and discover your new literary horizon.


Featured Book

The Sixteen Trees of the Somme

20th century: A family saga spanning centuries, wars and countries..

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