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  • Location: Alsace, Saint Louis

The Disappearance of Adele Bedeau

The Disappearance of Adele Bedeau

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2000s: Come to Alsace and try to solve a mystery…

  • ISBN: 978-1908643605
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What you need to know before your trail

Manfred Baumann is a loner. Socially awkward and perpetually ill at ease, he spends his evenings quietly drinking and surreptitiously observing Adèle Bedeau, the sullen but alluring waitress at a drab bistro in the unremarkable small French town of Saint-Louis. But one day, she simply vanishes into thin air.
Georges Gorski is a detective haunted by his failure to solve one of his first murder cases, so is called in to investigate the girl’s disappearance, he really needs to solve this case for many reasons
Manfred’s  world is shaken to its core and events force him to confront the dark secrets of his past.

Travel Guide

“Saint- Louis is a town of around twenty thousand people nestling at the very edge of the Alsace, separated from Germany and Switzerland by the width f the Rhine. It is  place of little note and aside from a handful of the picturesque oak- beamed houses characteristic of the region there is little to detain visitors.

Like most border towns, it is a place of transit. People pass on their way elsewhere, and the town is so lacking in points of interesting it is as if the townsfolk have resigned themselves to this”
“The town centre, inasmuch as Saint-Louis can be said to have a centre, is a miscellany of unattractive post-war buildings peppered with a few more traditional dwellings that have survived the passage of time and town-planning”
“Saint Louis is nondescript”

Streetview Maps

C) Alsace - St Louis Town Hall
D) Alsace - St Louis City centre

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  The Disappearance of Adele Bedeau

Author/ Guide: Graeme Macrae Burnet   Destination: St Louis, Alsace  Departure Time: 2000s

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