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Ash and Bones (DC Will Macready 1)

Ash and Bones (DC Will Macready 1)

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2000s: A cop killer on the loose in Cardiff

  • ISBN: 978-1785760624
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

A cop killer on the loose in Cardiff

At a squalid flat near the Cardiff docks, an early morning police raid goes catastrophically wrong. The  police are not the only unexpected guests. In the aftermath, a policeman is shot dead and the suspect is left in a coma. The killer, identity unknown, slips away.

Young and inexperienced, Will MacReady starts his first day on the CID. With the city in shock and the entire force reeling, he is desperate to help ­- but unearths truths that lead the team down an increasingly dark path…

Travel Guide

Cardiff – a tour in the footsteps of DC Will Macready

The author was a serving police officer in the city and it shows . Just what is fact and what is fiction? That’s for you to decide…

Bute town – Butetown

the estate was washed in muted orange: a hive of concrete walkways and dank, moss-swamped alleys, of drab maisonettes, of council money pissed away on regeneration after regeneration for people who, as far as he was concerned, deserved none of it.” Behind the glassy flanks of Loudoun house you can see the Millenium Stadium’s spires scraping the sky.

Hodges Square

“The Hodges Square maisonettes are a complex of pebbledash and drab orange brickwork” . A night raid is carried out here

The most famous police box in Cardiff

Cardiff Bay is famous for many things, certainly in this novel with strange goings on in the police force. For an extreme example of that, a visit to one of the most famous police boxes in history might be a nice aside…

Cardiff regenerated –  Millenium waterfront

A lot has changed on this waterfront and a lot of criminal activity seems to be centered here in the novel. A body is found in the water near the old Pilotage building. The bollards of Landsea house are now standing watch over a literary crime scene

Cardiff Bay police station

Finally back home to the Cardiff Bay police station – with it’s faceless, anonymous corridors. Ah well, there’s stuff that goes on here that would frighten the ash and bones of you….



Streetview Maps

B) Cardiff - Hodges Square
C) Cardiff - Police station

Booktrailer Review

Clare  @thebooktrailer

This one had more grit in it than a sandwich eaten on a windy day in Cardiff Bay. A solid police procedural with links to Lagos which really interested me. The author has been a police officer in the very city he writes about and you can tell. He’s walked each and every beat of the police in the novel for the authenticity really stands out.

Gets really dark this one – no spoilers here but in the early pages a police officer gets shot at point blank range and that’s not the worst of it.

Going to get the rest in the series as I like this new addition to the Welsh literary landscape!

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Ash and Bones (Dc Will Macready 1)

Author/ Guide: Mike Thomas  Destination: Cardiff, Lagos  Departure Time: 2000s

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